In order to register at AFMARSSE.ORG, you must be a member of Air Force MARS or Army MARS.   

While some content is public, all operational and MARS specific content is available only to registered members.

To register,  read the following instructions and then at the bottom of page  click the blue button. 

This will open a registration page for you to enter your contact info, email, user name & password information.  
This information is placed in your profile and some of it will be visible
to other members when they view your profile.  Visible items of information are shown on registration page.  Your profile is never visible to the unregistered public.

Your login name MUST be your GENERIC MARS CALL SIGN of whatever service of MARS to which you belong.  Billet callsigns, nicknames, handles, amateur callsigns are not acceptable and will be deleted and you will have to start over.

The email address that you furnish must be a valid email address.  
Before the approval process can continue, you must confirm your email address by responding to the email sent by AFMARSSE.ORG registration.

 A note concerning email addresses: email addresses hosted atwinlink.org should be avoided if those addresses contain your MARS callsign or are forwarded through the MARS winlink system.  Such emails require the MARS winlink precedence system in the subject line and there will be no guarantee that a user will put that precedence in the subject line.

Your email address may be used for registration only ONE time and can be used for only ONE member.  If an error is made during the registration process and the registration is submitted, you cannot try to register again with the same email address.  Should this situation occur, send a message to the Webmaster to reset the email address and cancel the email address.